Our Values

Our Goal

The goal at Lott & Company is for our clients to operate successful businesses and achieve personal financial security. We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that all of the business owner’s financial affairs are in order.

Our Philosophy

We achieve our goal by helping our clients set their financial objectives for both their business and personal lives, create a plan to achieve these objectives, and implement and monitor the plan.

We provide the financial information and knowledge to our clients so that they can make effective business decisions and focus on the aspects of their business that they know best. From start-up, through the growth stage and into maturity, we take the role of chief financial officer assisting our clients through the various stages of their business.

We essentially become your business partner by understanding your business and providing personalized and professional service.

Our success in helping our clients is evidenced by our growth from referrals.

Our Clients

Our clients are the owner/manager of companies who value the importance of business and tax planning. They are entrepreneurs who have a vision of what they want their business to look like and have specialized skills and/or services.