Other Newsletters

Throughout the year, we issue newsletters that highlight various issues which are important to our clients.

Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing issues arise when goods, services, or intangibles are transferred between related parties across an international border. Without transfer pricing rules, multi-national enterprises (MNEs) could exploit differing tax rates or offset losses in different countries by shifting the profits of the global entity to lower tax rate jurisdictions.

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Creditor Proofing

Get updates on how to arrange your affairs so that assets owned within a corporate group or among family members are protected as much as possible from creditors.

Download Creditor Proofing Update (PDF 195 KB)

Record Keeping

A primer for maintaining proper tax records.

Download Record Keeping (PDF 373.5 KB)

Advantages of Incorporating

A look at the quantitative and qualitative advantages of incorporating.

Download Advantages of Incorporating (PDF 167.8 KB)

Professional Corporations

With recent tax changes, it is an excellent time for professionals to incorporate their practices. Read through the newsletter to learn the advantages and disadvantages of setting up a professional corporation.

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Automobile Benefits and Deductions

This newsletter deals with issues such as: How to compensate your employee who uses their own car for business? What are the taxable benefits when an employee uses a company owned vehicle.

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Scientific Research & Experimental Development Tax Credits (SR&ED)

Virtually any company involved in activities beyond the mere distribution of goods may be eligible to claim tax benefits under the SR&ED program.

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U.S. Tax Update—Individuals

There have been a number of U.S. tax developments in recent years as well as changes to the Canada–United States Tax Convention (Treaty) . These changes will affect Canadian residents who may be required to file U.S. income tax returns or who may be carrying on business in the U.S. In addition to the recent changes, many of the tax reduction measures introduced in the U.S. Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 (“Economic Growth Act”) and the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 (“Jobs and Growth Act”) will be automatically repealed at the end of 2010.

Download U.S. Tax Update—Individuals (PDF 189.6 KB)

HST Transitional Rules

The conversion to HST will have a significant impact on your business affecting purchasing and contracts, sales and pricing, budgeting and information systems. This newsletter provides a brief overview of HST and the transitional rules that will apply in the conversion of the current Ontario Retail Sales Tax (RST) to the HST.

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